Deserter in the house
The second chapter in volume 12 of the Horror World of Junji Ito series, The Bully . Is also chapter twelve of Museum of Terror vol. 3


In 1953, Kikuyo's family hide a deserter named Saburo Furukawa in their house. He hides upstairs in the store room and comes down to join them for dinner each night. He is unaware that World War II ended eight years previously; the family convinces him that it is wartime and he is still wanted for desertion. A friend called Oshima helps them by posing as a military policeman and carrying out staged "raids" on the house. Oshima hates Furukawa because they had deserted the military together but Furukawa escaped while Oshima was caught and punished.

After Oshima leaves, Kikuyo confronts her siblings, wanting to know why they shut Furukawa in the house and pretend it is still wartime. Furukawa was a friend of Kikuyo's brother Adera, and after deserting from the military had asked the family to hide him. He fell in love with Kimie, a sister of Kikuyo and Adera. However, Adera found out about the relationship and confronted Furukawa. There was an argument which culminated in Kimie running from the house and being killed by an American fighter plane overhead. Furukawa locked himself in the store room and wouldn't let the family in, but three days later he came out asking for food as if nothing had happened. Adera can't forgive him, and believes that keeping him in the house is the only way to avenge Kimie.

A town festival with fireworks is coming up, and the family makes a plan to trick Furukawa into thinking that it is a bombing raid. When the fireworks begin, they run up to the store room, calling to him to hide. He doesn't answer and they eventually force the door. There, they find the long-dead corpse of a man who had hanged himself, with a suicide note: written by Furukawa two days after Kimie's death. He had committed suicide because he could not live with the knowledge he was responsible. The family realizes that the Furukawa they had been living with all this time is a ghost.

At this point Oshima arrives to act out another "raid." The family try to warn him not to shout because it will alert Furukawa, but it's too late, and the ghost appears in the doorway.

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