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Bio-House (バイオハウス Biohausu) is the seventh story in Slug Girl and the first story in Museum of Terror vol. 3. It was originally published in Halloween Night 2 in 1987.


A girl called Kubota visits the vacation house of her employer, a distinguished older gentleman who works in the field of biotechnology. She soon learns that he has strange tastes in food, as he attempts to feed her dead insects and lizards, washed down with animal blood.

The meal takes a turn for the worse when Kubota's boss tries to get her to drink a glass of his own blood, which she finds revolting. Angered by her refusal, the boss pulls down his shirt collar, slashes a vein in his neck with a knife, and attempts to get her to drink from the blood fountaining from his neck.

He chases her through the house. Blood splashes across several of his maidservants, who are revealed to be vampires. Crazed by the blood, they attack the boss, giving Kubota time to escape upstairs.

In the attic she finds cages full of various insects and animals. She wonders whether her boss's peculiar diet is the reason for his insanity. Soon, the boss finds her, and in a final struggle, she kills him by throwing insect cages on to his head.

She goes downstairs to find the vampire maids hungrily licking blood off the floor. She tells them that there's much more upstairs.