A short story included as an extra in Siren Maniacs, a guide book for the Siren video game series (based around undead enemies like those found in this story.)

Plot Edit

A group of fishermen have gone out to sea even though they are struggling to catch any fish in the area; their livelihoods depend on it. A storm arrives and new recruit Koji gets seasick, so the captain tells him to lie down. The fishermen hear a loud siren from out in the middle of the ocean and notice that it appears to be coming from the open water.

Koji, who had fallen asleep, returns above deck to find the others hauling in what they think is an enormous catch of fish. Koji is horrified to see that the net is full of decaying corpses. The others see their catch as tuna, but as Koji screams, they realize he is right. At the captain's orders, they throw the corpses overboard. The fishermen begin to head back to port but continue to feel strange. They experience hallucinations of the sea being red like blood, and are convinced that it is related to the mysterious siren. No one understands how it could have made them believe that what they were seeing in the net was tuna.

The siren sounds again the following evening. The captain orders the men to cover their ears; he believes that the siren is the voice of a demon, and that monsters lurk in the sea to lure sailors to their deaths. Everyone but Koji falls under the spell of the siren, and they haul in the net, which is again full of rotting corpses. However, the corpses come to life and descend onto the ship. They overpower the sailors and throw them all overboard. Koji barricades himself inside his cabin but the living dead break in and attack him.

The bodies of the fishermen, including Koji, are caught and brought in by another boat.

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