A one-shot originally published in December 2014 in Bunkasha's Manga Grimm Dōwa (Manga Grimm's Fairy Tales.)

Plot Edit

A queen is given an antique mirror which, she discovers, can speak to her. It compliments her beauty and says that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. The queen becomes more and more vain until one day the mirror tells her she is only the second most beautiful; after her foster daughter, Snow White (a peasant girl the king adopted.) The queen discovers that her husband is having an affair with Snow White, so she has Snow White banished to the dungeons. When the mirror continues to insist Snow White is more beautiful, the queen orders her to be murdered.

However, a few days later the mirror again says that Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the world. The queen is informed that Snow White's corpse has been revived. Sure enough, she sees a living Snow White surrounded by glowing orbs. A servant tells her that these are the spirits of seven dwarves who were buried underground. The queen has Snow White killed again, but the dwarves always revive her. Finally, the queen commands that Snow White be set alight to destroy her beauty. The spirits of the dwarves push the queen into the fire, and both women burn to death.

All that remains of the queen is her ashes, while Snow White's beauty endures as she turns into a charcoal statue.

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