Ma no Kakera (魔の断片) also titled "Shard of Evil" or "Fragments of Horror" began serialization in the first issue of the revived Nemuki+ (ネムキプラス) magazine on April 13, 2013. It was subsequently published as a collection in Japan in June 2014, with the final story "Whispering Woman" having been previously published in Shinkan (シンカン) rather than Nemuki+. In December 2014 it was licensed by VIZ Media to be released in English in June 2015, under the "Fragments of Horror" title.


  1. Futon (Blanket)
  2. Haunted Wood Mansion
  3. Tomio: Red Turtleneck
  4. Lingering Farewell
  5. Dissection Girl
  6. Black Bird
  7. Nanakuse Kyokumi
  8. Whispering Woman

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