Meet Again is the second chapter of the Youkai (Dissolving) Series.

Plot Edit

Mitsuo is devastated when his fiancée Yuka dies in hospital. In Yuka's last words she tells him that she will return to him. Mitsuo becomes obsessed with this idea and regularly visits her grave in the hope of seeing her, as well as going to the maternity department of the local hospital to check whether she has been reincarnated as one of the newborn babies. Mitsuo begins to feel Yuka's aura all around him, and is convinced that she is closer to him than ever before.

The feeling of Yuka's presence grows stronger and stronger, and Mitsuo realises that with it the entire atmosphere of Earth is changing. One day, he feels Yuka's presence intensely and hears her voice roar. He runs out of the house. Seconds later, a meteorite lands onto a nearby mountain.

The remains of a charred corpse are found in the crater where the meteorite landed, and it is believed that the person was killed when they were caught up in the explosion. There is no way to identify the body. Mitsuo believes that it is Yuka and that she came to earth and landed with the meteorite. Even though she had died, she somehow became part of the meteorite. He wonders whether she had been conscious of floating through space.

As Mitsuo is walking, he sees the corpse's severed hand in front of him. It is wearing Yuka's engagement ring; confirming that she has indeed returned to him.

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