Chapter three of Tomie: Again.


At some point, Tomie became involved with a guy called Ishizuka. He kills Tomie and mushes her body into pulp while hysterically screaming that he loves and hates her. He calls an associate called Nagaoka to help him get rid of her remains because the mess won't stop multiplying. She had begun regenerating while he was trying to cut her up, so he ground her body down in an effort to stop the process. Nagaoka has an idea.

Nagaoka's family makes sake, so his idea is to pour Tomie's remains into the moromi (unrefined sake.) However, this serves to make Tomie's aroma stronger. All the men in the room begin to see her in the sake vat and hear her voice; and fall under her spell. Nagaoka's father tastes the mixture and declares it's the best he's ever tasted. All the men drink it and witness the bubbles turning into individual Tomies, before reforming into a giant Tomie who looms over Ishizuka. He screams that he loves her, begging for her forgiveness.

Tomie disappears, and the men decide that what they have witnessed was a hallucination. Ishizuka sadly stirs the vat, where the bubbles have formed into the shape of Tomie's face, as he quietly repeats that he loves her.

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