The first chapter of Mountain of Gods.

Plot Edit

Three men meet at a resort on "Mount H", where they will be staying overnight. Azumi loves hiking, Tenno is a photographer, and Ishida is an experienced mountain climber. Azumi mentions the rumours of supernatural events on the mountain. At this point, the resort manager arrives and shares a story that took place some time ago.

A woman who regularly stayed at the resort had come to visit. She planned to take a short hike up the mountain, but she didn't return. Her body was later found at the bottom of a steep drop into one of the valleys. It should have been impossible to reach this place even if one wandered many metres from the hiking trail. The authorities assumed her death to be suicide; but neither the manager nor the woman's family believed she would do this. Eventually, the case was closed. The men all agree that they can't see how anyone could fall down into the valley. Ishida realizes that today he visited the spot the woman should have fallen from; and it caused a memory to come back to him.

Five years previously, Ishida had gone hiking on another mountain. Even though the hiking season was very busy, he somehow found himself on an abandoned trail. He was then approached by a man who appeared to be smiling; but as he got closer, Ishida saw that the man's expression was a hateful, unnatural rictus. His movements were out of time with his footsteps, and he caused a freezing breeze. Ishida ran back down the trail, and the man disappeared. In the present day, Ishida wonders if the woman encountered this strange man.

Tenno recalls an occasion when he'd been on a trip, taking photos in the Alps. As he camped out overnight, he was attacked by someone outside his tent. They pressed their face, which was contorted into a demonic grin, up against the tent; but vanished when Tenno switched on a light. Tenno now believes that he was attacked by the same man Ishida encountered. Azumi instead speculates that these are two separate people, and that both of them may have chased the woman off the edge of the mountain.

Ishida and Tenno apologize for scaring the others with these stories. The manager reassures the guests that they will be fine, as they are due to leave tomorrow. However, the manager must stay at the resort for the rest of the season.

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