Chapter 4 of Voices in the Dark. This chapter features an adult Souichi.


A haunted house attraction opens up in town. Although it's initially accused of being a con-trick, everyone who visits is terrified. Even the police are called to investigate. Two young boys, Kouichi and Satoshi, try to sneak into the house at night but are caught by the proprietor (Souichi, now a grown man). Souichi admires their nerve and allows them to explore the house free of charge.

The exhibits inside the house include ghosts, a severed head and a crucified man; all claiming to be members of Souichi's family. The man, Souichi's brother (Kouichi Tsujii), explains that Souichi eventually acquired magical powers and trapped his family inside the house; forcing them to obey his will. Souichi's son is also imprisoned in the house. The child's mother is an abomination too horrific to be described, and so Souichi travels from town to town with the haunted house in an effort to escape from her.

Souichi, his mouth full of nails, appears and commands his brother not to tell the boys any more. They decide to escape, but come across a young child eating. Souichi's son is a cannibalistic monster with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, who is chewing on the remains of the policeman sent to investigate previously. He chases after the boys, and kills and eats Satoshi. Kouichi is pursued by Souichi, who spits a mouthful of nails at him. Kouichi is immobilized by the nails but at this point, Souichi's wife (Miss Fuchi, from Souichi's Diary of Curses; a giant, female version of their son) appears. She drags Souichi away, vowing to kill him if he ever tries to leave her again.

The following day, the haunted house is found completely deserted. Kouichi isn't sure if the events that took place inside the house are real - but Satoshi, and the policeman, are never seen again.