Chapter 2 of New Voices in the Dark: Splatter Film.


The Tsujii family adopts a stray kitten that followed Sayuri home from school. They name him Colin. Colin scratches Souichi's face after Souichi torments him. Souichi, angry that everyone is paying more attention to Colin than him, casts a curse which begins to manifest itself as a static crackle. Sayuri catches Souichi using a dead snake as a cat toy for Colin. She and Koichi warn that the snake's ghost will curse him - but then discover Colin chewing on the dead snake.

After this, Colin begins to catch and eat snakes and insects, and scratch up everything in the house. He even catches and eats an abomination with eyes all over its body. Souichi is delighted and believes that Colin brought it back from hell as a present. The family is forced to keep Colin indoors. No one but Souichi now dares go near him.

The curse (whether Souichi's, or the snake's ghost, is unclear) causes Colin to emit a great surge of electricity, electrocuting Souichi (as Colin begins chewing on him joyfully) and forcing the rest of the family to run. All the neighbours think that lightning struck the house. Souichi is seriously injured and can't move, while Colin returns to his previous lovable self.